P.I.P. is for past graduates of Phase 2 who are motivated to put what they have learned in Phase 1 and CCLD into practice by taking charge while also attending self-improvement classes and other camp activities.

Leadership, Service, Success

How will you leave your mark?  Make a difference in the lives of Cadets by leading them through camp cadet helping to shape their character.  Improve Troop D Camp Cadet through feedback, recruiting, and fundraising.  Better yourself in the success development classes.

Application & Forms

Who can apply for P.I.P. (Phase 3)?

Graduates of the Troop D Camp Cadet CCLD (Phase 2) program who are under 18 years old and who continue to live by the standards of Troop D Camp Cadet are eligible to apply.  Participation in Phase 3 requires a previous or future commitment to year round activities which benefit Troop D Camp Cadet and the applicant.  These activities include fundraising, Phase 1 recruiting, and/or public awareness presentations.

What will I learn at P.I.P?

P.I.P. is an extension of learning of the Phase 1 and CCLD programs as well as an opportunity to put your learning into real world practice gaining valuable education, experience, and contacts.  P.I.P. Cadets will undergo success and motivation training teaching you how to apply your Camp Cadet skills outside of camp.  You will continue to learn personal development techniques to mold a strong moral character making you fit to become successful.  Some skills that you will learn are job seeking and interview skills, courtesy, fundraising, public speaking, networking, and positive thinking.

What is P.I.P. like?

Even higher standards are expected of each P.I.P Cadet as are expected of the Phase 1 and CCLD Cadets.  P.I.P. Cadets are expected to arrive standing tall and looking sharp on day one to pick up right where they left off after Phase 2.  The atmosphere at the camp for a P.I.P. Cadet will not be as rigid as Phase 1 and CCLD.  We presume that each P.I.P. Cadet will have the ability to easily conduct his or her self with the utmost honor and self-discipline.  You will eat with all other phases of cadets.  You will have many responsibilities in leading the underclassmen in PT, drill, and other activities as you will be heavily relied upon as a jr. counselor.  You will attend some classes of Phase 1 and CCLD to observe and provide feedback to staff.  You will be expected to constantly provide feedback in relation to all aspects of Phase 1 and CCLD as well as P.I.P. in regard to improving the programs.  You will have self-improvement classes as well as brainstorming meetings regarding future Troop D Camp Cadet fundraising and recruiting.  Throughout the year you have the opportunity to conduct the fundraising and recruiting programs that P.I.P. had developed.