CCLD is an opportunity for past graduates of Phase 1 to become stronger leaders.  If you are motivated to build a solid base of leadership skills, CCLD wants you.

CCLD – Building America’s Leaders

Are you ready to be a leader?  CCLD will mold you into an honorable leader with a foundation built upon character and service enabling you to lead others in a positive direction.  Join CCLD and lead the way.


Who can apply for CCLD (Phase 2)?

Graduates of the Troop D Camp Cadet Phase 1 program who are under 18 years old and who continue to live by the standards of Troop D Camp Cadet are eligible to apply.  In addition to these applicants, any youth of good character who did not attend Phase 1 but is between the ages of 15-17 on the first day of camp can apply.  However, preference will be given to past graduates.

What will I learn at CCLD?

CCLD, or Camp Cadet Leadership Development, is an extension of learning of the Phase 1 program.  CCLD Cadets will undergo intense leadership training.  You will learn personal development techniques to mold a strong moral character making you fit to become a sound leader.  You will also be provided with training giving you a base of knowledge and skill to lead others in a positive direction in an effective manner.

What is CCLD like?

The same standards are expected of each CCLD Cadet as are expected of the Phase 1 Cadets.  CCLD Cadets are expected to arrive standing tall and looking sharp on day one to pick up right where they left off after Phase 1.  It is expected that each CCLD Cadet conduct himself or herself with the highest standards of honor and self-discipline without the instructors having to “re-teach” these traits.  You will eat and do PT with the Phase 1 Cadets.  You will sometimes act as instructors and leaders for the Phase 1 Cadets by attending some of their competitions, drill practice, and other activities.  CCLD Cadets will also be taking part in their own intense training of leadership education separate from the other phases at the camp.  If you did not attend Phase 1, don’t worry, we will get you up to speed.