Phase 1 is an opportunity for youths (ages 12 through 15) to get a taste of the PA State Police Academy training.  Overcome challenges, have fun, and build relationships that will last forever – become a cadet.


Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes?  it takes grit, determination, and a sense of teamwork.  We believe that you have it, and we will show you how to find it inside of yourself.  It’s a lot of fun too with competitions, police demonstrations, & Activities.


Who can apply for Phase 1?

Youths of good character who will be between the ages of 12-15 on the first day of camp and reside in Butler, Beaver, Mercer, and Lawrence Counties can apply.  Applicants must be in sound physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

What will I experience as a Cadet?

You will embark on a life changing experience through discipline and regimentation realizing that everything in life is possible.  There are fun activities and police demonstrations as well.  The six day/five night camp is modeled after the Pennsylvania State Police Academy.  You will be challenged mentally and physically on your way to achieving success while gaining unwavering self-confidence and determination. Strong bonds will be built between you and your classmates and your law enforcement leaders as you endure the challenges, have fun, and achieve success as a team relying on one another.

What a day is like at Troop D Camp Cadet?

Camp Cadet is “basic training” for citizens of good character. The “basics” demand a sense of responsibility and respect. The days begin with wake up at 5:00 AM, and cadets are in formation for physical training by 5:15 sharp.  Reveille and flag-raising occurs after breakfast. Flag-lowering is at sunset, with lights out at 10:00 p.m. A rigid schedule of events will influence the activities during the week. Cadets will function as a unit; they sleep, eat, march, learn and play together. The two platoons compete against each other in physical contests throughout the week.  Camp is not all work; however, each day includes ample recreation time and law enforcement and character development classes as well.

Who is Troop D Camp Cadet for?

Troop D Camp Cadet is for youths who are interested in a challenge and building a strong moral character or who have an interest in law enforcement or military careers.