In 1970, Camp Cadet was founded in Butler County, Pennsylvania for the youth of our area to participate in a worthwhile program to foster a good relationship and solve issues of misunderstanding between young people and the police.  This opportunity would not be possible without the vision, turned reality, of Retired Trooper Albert R. Vish.  He, along with retired Troopers John Prandy (dec.) and Robert Price, created an opportunity to provide youth with a positive attitude toward the law enforcement profession.  Thousands of youths have now taken part in the experience thanks to many law enforcement officers, businesses, and citizens who have selflessly dedicated enormous amounts of time, energy, and money for the youths.

There are now 26 Camp Cadet programs throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with Troop D Camp Cadet being the original. Troop D Camp Cadet also holds the distinction of being the first and only Camp Cadet to offer more than one year of opportunity for the youths. In fact, Troop D Camp Cadet offers Basic (Phase 1), CCLD – Camp Cadet Leadership Development (Phase 2) which was founded by Anthony Tripp and Kaleb Martin in 2013, and P.I.P. – Principles In Practice (Phase 3) which was founded by Emily Kesten and Gavin Terwilliger in 2015.Each program can be attended in three consecutive years and each benefit the youth in different ways.

The expectation in all phases is that the cadets will gain personal satisfaction and learn valuable character and leadership traits through instruction and overcoming challenges during their week at camp which is immersed in an atmosphere of discipline and regimentation.  Today’s objective is to build moral leaders and strengthen character in the areas of self-discipline, respect for self and others, patriotism, and integrity.

Although Camp Cadet is not a recruiting tool for law enforcement or the military, it does provide valuable insight to youths who may have an interest in such careers. For others it may even spark the interest for a cadet to follow in the career choice of those law enforcement personnel who prove to be a positive influence in their life.

Through the efforts of many dedicated volunteers and state and local law enforcement personnel, Camp Cadet continues to be a positive experience for all involved.

Troop D Camp Cadet is only made possible by the generous donations of individuals and businesses.

We welcome your interest in participating in or supporting the Pennsylvania State Police Troop D Camp Cadet program.